Tour Of The Fremantle Army Museum

The Army Museum in Fremantle may be one of the Port City’s best kept secrets for many people, but it is secret no longer for the Australian Institute of Management WA group that visited on 30 August, organised courtesy of WA DEFENCE REVIEW. The meeting affirmed the view that Western Australia has never been in […]

Tour Of Hofmann Engineering

It’s a common thought that the biggest rewards accrue to the biggest risk takers – but Hofmann Engineering Managing Director is having none of it. To Erich Hofmann, the very nature of engineering is to eliminate risk – you analyse the problem, design the solution, and manufacture it to a certified quality-controlled process.

Tour Of JFD Australia Bibra Lake Facility

It takes a special breed of sailor to choose a life of living cheek by jowl in a steel tube whose distinguishing characteristic is to sink into the gloomy depths. But any ‘sinking feeling’ this might evoke would be greatly alleviated by knowing that a sophisticated rescue facility is permanently standing-by should one’s submarine ever […]

Tour Of BAE Systems’ Henderson Shipyard

BAE Systems Australia, in association with WA DEFENCE REVIEW and Engineers Australia, hosted a tour of the Company’s Henderson shipyard on Thursday 10 May 2018. Driving in to the facility, past the Anzac-class frigates on dry berths gave a new appreciation for the size of these vessels and the scope of BAE Systems’ operation in […]

Tour Of AMC Floating Dock

Governments bring the greatest benefit to their people, not by operating businesses, but by investing in infrastructure that stimulates and facilitates economic growth. An outstanding example of this principle at work is the Australian Marine Complex (AMC) at Henderson, WA. On 8 February, the Melville-Cockburn Chamber of Commerce visited the precinct with around 30 of […]

Tour Of SAS Historical Collection

Around 30 members of the renowned Australian Institute of Management WA (AIM WA) received a close-up view of the Australian military’s most storied unit the Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) in November, sparking comparisons between corporate management and leadership in a highly trained and effective army unit.  The visit was arranged by WA DEFENCE REVIEW, […]