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General Vignettes

When you have a wealth of video content, event or interview reels and extended recordings, it can be useful to break those long stretches of footage into concise vignettes with a specific purpose. The WA DEFENCE REVIEW production team can identify, target and construct impactful, bite-sized videos from condensed highlights, showcasing a particularly interesting or popular angle.

Draw out the best moments from speeches, conferences, trade shows or product launches, and have the right package of information tailored for each client, audience and purpose. A general vignette video will boost your messaging, energise into your pitch and provide a clear go-to communication piece for an extended interview or speech that brings further awareness of a subject or cause.

Communicate your vital message with a general vignette video, crafted to bring key highlights to the front with the clear and effective format of professionally edited footage and audio.

GENERAL VIGNETTE: Inaugural Launch of WA DEFENCE REVIEW 2018-19 Annual Publication

VIGNETTE: CAPT Angela Bond @ WA Defence Industry 2022 Gala Dinner

VIGNETTE: CDRE Ivan Ingham @ WA Defence Industry 2022 Gala Dinner

VIGNETTE: Karyn Hinder @ WA Defence Industry 2022 Gala Dinner

VIGNETTE: Closing the Gap - Future of Defence and Indigenous Employment

VIGNETTE: The Cutting Edge - Future of Special Operations & Industry Innovation

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