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Since inception, the WA DEFENCE REVIEW team has steadily grown to encompass a stable of well-regarded and experienced professionals, whose expertise and contributions are integral to the delivery of the high-quality products and services that our clients and stakeholders within the local and national defence sector have come to depend upon.

Our editorial team are highly skilled, quality focused, and driven to serve the industry with their knowledge and expertise.

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Serge DeSilva-Ranasinghe

Founder & Managing Editor

Photo of Leighton Luke

Leighton G. Luke

Associate Editor & Senior Correspondent

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Stephen Bunce

Associate Editor & Defence Writer

Photo of Emma Kelly

Emma Kelly

Senior Correspondent

Peter Layton

Dr. Peter Layton

Senior Correspondent

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CDRE Brett Dowsing, RAN (Rtd)

Senior Defence Writer

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Terry Booth

Special Correspondent

Photo of Ross Louthean

Ross Louthean

Resources Sector Correspondent

Photo of Thomas Hage

Thomas Hage

Defence Writer

Stephen Haydon - Defence Writer

Stephen Hayden

Defence Writer


David Nicolson



Eddy Lidya



Michael McArthur

Editor – Video Channel

AJ Jayalath - Production Manager

AJ Jayalath

Production Manager – Video Channel


John McIntosh

Business Development

Mark Musarra

Mark Musarra

Business Development


Kiki Stokar von Neuforn

Administration & Accounts Officer

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Serge DeSilva-Ranasinghe
Founder & Managing Editor

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