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Established in 2017, WA DEFENCE REVIEW set an important historical precedent by launching the first West Australian-based platform to support Australia’s defence sector across the spectrum of politics, government, defence, industry and academia.

Giving a much-needed voice to WA’s expanding defence network, WA DEFENCE REVIEW provides a valuable professional resource as an independent authority on Australian defence.

WA DEFENCE REVIEW is actively engaged in local, national and global communications and events – widely regarded as the WA touchstone for national security, military affairs, defence industry intelligence, geo-political analysis and industry information.

Professional communications, enhanced networking and industry facilitation for Western Australia's defence sector.

WA DEFENCE REVIEW’s first annual publication debuted in 2018. Showcasing local, national and international issues of interest, this Review is the first of its kind – offering new insights through an in-depth analysis of Western Australia’s defence sector and Indian Ocean geo-politics, alongside a range of other topical subject matter.

With a high-profile events program, WA DEFENCE REVIEW partners with organisations throughout the year to facilitate industry collaboration. Offering enhanced opportunities to engage and connect, events fall under four main categories: Strategy, Defence and Industry Dialogue, Keynote Speaker Program, Industry Site Visits and Exclusive Cocktail Functions.

In addition to a high-quality publication and events program, WA DEFENCE REVIEW hosts a dedicated video channel. We showcase original videos relevant to the future of Australian defence – featuring interviews with prominent defence officials and other special guests, and highlights from industry events.

As an independent voice for defence in the West, the WA DEFENCE REVIEW blog is a reliable, unbiased and apolitical source of industry information. Our Blog features quality original commentary by notable defence sector decision-makers and analysts from Australia and abroad.

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