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WA DEFENCE REVIEW invites timely, high-profile and exclusive contributions from across Defence, government, academia and industry. We carefully consider all submissions to assess their suitability for publication. For more information regarding writing and editorial standards, recommended word lengths and styles, and other requirements for content submission across our various platforms, please see below.

Consult our guidelines for contributing authors.


WA DEFENCE REVIEW is the first West Australian-based platform dedicated to the support of Australia’s defence sector across the spectrum of politics, government, Defence, industry and academia.

WA DEFENCE REVIEW is actively engaged in local, national, and global communications and events and is widely regarded as the WA touchstone for national security, military affairs, defence industry intelligence, geo-political analysis and industry information.

WA DEFENCE REVIEW content is published in several formats, including its website, which also hosts The Pragmatist blog, a video channel, a professionally moderated LinkedIn forum and the Annual Publication. WA DEFENCE REVIEW strives to publish interesting and original content on a range of topics related to defence industry, military affairs, national security and geo-political analysis.

Potential contributors intending to submit content for publication across WA DEFENCE REVIEW’s various platforms (especially the Pragmatist Policy Blog and the Annual Publication), should endeavour to take all due care to conform to the writing and editorial standards set out in this style guide. In some instances additional considerations may apply to the blog, so your full familiarisation with the entire style guide will be greatly appreciated by the team at WA DEFENCE REVIEW.

WA DEFENCE REVIEW wishes to thank you for your previous and upcoming contributions and encourages your ongoing involvement in our organisation’s success.

Submissions Policy

WA DEFENCE REVIEW invites contributions from across Defence, government, academia and industry. We carefully consider all submissions to assess their suitability for publication. We seek content that is timely, high- profile and exclusive. It is our aim to ensure that new and relevant content is available across our platforms year-round. WA DEFENCE REVIEW encourages prospective contributors to carefully review the platform-specific requirements regarding recommended word lengths and styles, and to submit only original unpublished content, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

If deemed appropriate, WA DEFENCE REVIEW is open to publishing longer submissions in a serial format. Please contact the editorial team at editor@wadefencereview.com.au if you have a proposal.

Authors must disclose any commercial relationships, affiliations or conflicts of interest, and must always adequately acknowledge references to others’ ideas or publications in line with WA DEFENCE REVIEW conventions. Contributors are required to possess all necessary permissions for the use of graphics or photos, or any other content supplied, and to discharge all copyright obligations in full.

WA DEFENCE REVIEW may require some contributors to sign an affiliate agreement; perspective contributors will be notified of this requirement by WA DEFENCE REVIEW, if required. Payment for contributions is never implied unless contractually arranged and is not provided for submissions to the Pragmatist Policy Blog.

General Matters

Word, Page Limits and Platform Specific publishing Matters

WA DEFENCE REVIEW requires contributions that are well-written and concise. They should be logically structured, informative and, where necessary, provide reasoned and original analytical insight. We aim for a clear, straightforward, yet readable style.

LinkedIn Forum

Members of our LinkedIn Forum are welcome to use the platform to share news or updates that are of direct interest to WA’s network of defence, critical infrastructure and technology and innovation professionals. Posts should generally not be longer than one medium-sized paragraph or two short paragraphs.

Links are encouraged but should always be to reputable, reliable sources. Membership of the forum is an exclusive privilege gained through a tightly-vetted process. Regardless of their level of participation, members of the forum are at all times expected to conduct themselves in a professional, respectful and civilised manner and to comply with all the directions set out by the group’s moderators, and as outlined in the forum’s code of conduct.

Posts may incorporate a short summary of a link to a larger summary and use quotation marks where necessary. The posting of inappropriate or overtly political, commercial, or irrelevant content to the forum may result in a warning or expulsion from the forum.  

The Pragmatist Policy Blog

The Pragmatist Policy Blog strives to publish interesting original content on a range of topics related to defence industry, military affairs, national security, and geo-political analysis. Commentary and analysis pieces are the most common types of submissions made to the blog.

WA DEFENCE REVIEW accepts submissions from professionals across politics, government, Defence, industry and academia. Submissions are expected to comply with a 700 to 1500-word range. If longer submissions are intended, they should only be actioned after written agreement with WA DEFENCE REVIEW.

Articles submitted to the forum should also generally incorporate a ‘key points’ section, typically outlining three to five key themes or considerations drawn from the article. Short, succinct paragraphs, along with the use of subheadings, is strongly encouraged.

WA DEFENCE REVIEW Annual Publication

Submissions to WA DEFENCE REVIEW’s Annual Publication are typically in the one to five-page range (600-3500 words). WA DEFENCE REVIEW is, however, likely to give more specific guidelines about word count based on the nature of the contribution and the number of photos or graphics to be incorporated in the article. Please contact WA DEFENCE REVIEW if unsure of the preferred word and page specifications for your specific contribution.

Editorial Policy

WA DEFENCE REVIEW reserves the right to edit submissions from contributing authors for the purposes of accuracy, brevity, style or any other reason deemed appropriate, while ensuring that meaning and authorial intention are retained. Contributing authors who submit work shall be advised of all amendments undertaken using Microsoft Word Track Changes and will be given the opportunity to comment on the final draft prior to publication.

WA DEFENCE REVIEW reserves the right to reject any submission if it:

  • Contravenes Australian defamation and vilification laws.
  • Is likely to damage the reputation or brand of WA DEFENCE REVIEW and/or its interests.
  • Is incoherently written or adheres insufficiently to the style guide.
  • Is in poor taste or is disparaging or disrespectful to any individual or organisation.
  • Contravenes copyright laws or is otherwise insufficiently original.
  • Is for any reason deemed inappropriate for publishing.

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