The CEO Institute WA Partners With WA DEFENCE REVIEW To Enhance Cross-Industry Collaboration And Professional Development For Defence And Security Sector Decision-Makers

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WA DEFENCE REVIEW is delighted to announce the formation of a new partnership with The CEO Institute WA.  As an Affiliate Partner and advisor WA DEFENCE REVIEW will assist members of The CEO Institute WAseeking to establish closer ties or raise their profile within the defence sector.

The CEO Institute WA was created to provide West Australian CEOs, managing directors and business owners with opportunities to mingle, network and collaborate with peers. 

The Institute offers syndicates of 15 members from non-competing industries and areas, the opportunity to benefit from shared knowledge and experience, and, build a strong support base.  A premier members’ educational summit is held annually, presenting further opportunities for professional development and information gathering.  

With its focus on industry, technology, critical infrastructure, policy, national security and geo-political analysis, WA DEFENCE REVIEW looks forward to collaborating with its new partner.  The CEO Institute WA and WA DEFENCE REVIEW will share invitations to networking and social occasions, and build on the spirit of cooperation that has already seen the organisations jointly host two outstanding events.

In December last year WA DEFENCE REVIEW’s end of year ‘Industry Networking’ event at the CEO SkyLounge was attended by over 70 senior professionals and stakeholders. Similarly, in April this year WA DEFENCE REVIEW again partnered with The CEO Institute WA for an equally successful ‘VIP Luncheon’, which brought together decision makers from government, defence and industry for a discussion led by former Foreign Affairs and Defence Minister, Professor Stephen Smith of the UWA Defence and Security Institute.  

WA DEFENCE REVIEW Founder & Managing Editor, Serge DeSilva-Ranasinghe believes the two groups are well positioned to create a mutually beneficial relationship. “WA DEFENCE REVIEW”, he said 
“sees great potential and real synergies with The CEO Institute WA, and is pleased to be appointed as the inaugural Convenor for the newly created defence sector syndicate.” He added, “We look forward to working closely with The CEO Institute WA to make this new initiative a success. The partnership will also bring more opportunities for us to engage and bring additional value to our clients and stakeholders”. 

In anticipation of this partnership with WA DEFENCE REVIEW, The CEO Institute Director, Steve Stanley noted, “The opportunity to collaborate with any industry sector is important to adding value to the offering of The CEO Institute WA. Enhancing connections between our members and senior decision-makers from the defence sector will create only mutually beneficial outcomes”. He went on to say, “All CEOs are faced with a very similar range of issues in their businesses, and it is the sharing of knowledge that diminishes loneliness at the top, while setting the scene for the refinement of skills in leadership and management”.


Established in 2017, WA DEFENCE REVIEW set an important historical precedent by launching the first West Australian-based platform to support Australia’s defence sector across the spectrum of politics, government, defence, industry and academia.

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