Adaption Through Innovation: Chief Of Army Symposium 2023

Given that the Symposium is being held in Perth for the first time and that, since you are coincidentally also a West Australian, could you give us some context to your upbringing as a ‘Sandgroper’? I remember as a kid always wondering what was beyond the Nullarbor, and I did not travel there until I […]

“Indonesia’s Defence Objective Is Very Clear: To Make Many Friends And Have Zero Enemies”: Dr Purnomo Yusgiantoro, Minister Of Defense, Republic Of Indonesia (2009-14)

Today, what are the regional threats that affect Indonesia’s security and stability? Tell us about the unique challenges of defending the world’s largest archipelago nation? Two thirds of our country consists of sea, and the remaining are 17,000 islands. Besides, our archipelago is located at a pivotal location between two oceans and two continents, thus, […]