How Climate Change And Security In The Indian Ocean Region May Impact On Australia

Key Points: The Indian Ocean is being altered by a warming climate with profound influences on its marine anatomy and its links to weather, with those influences reaching far and wide into the African, greater Asian and Indo-Pacific regions. The region’s geo-politics and security will come under increasing pressure as changing ocean and related weather […]

The Defence Sector And Regional Australia: Prospects For Economic Development

Key Points: Regional Australia has the potential to increase its participation and footprint with Defence by harnessing its talent and niche capabilities to value-add to Australian defence industry and national security. Defence bases are the focal point of the community in many regional locations, and play a key role in providing direct employment and procurement […]

Australia-Poland Relations: Prospects For Defence Industry Cooperation

 Key points: Poland is currently undergoing a USD$133bn military modernisation plan, as it seeks to update Communist-era military equipment in view of a deteriorating regional security situation.   The eastern European country has a medium-sized defence industry in comparison to other countries in Europe with a well-regarded reputation in the land systems, electronics and radar, helicopters […]

Deeper Cooperation: New Era Heralds Australia-India Strategic Ties

Key Points: In the modern context, Australia and India can trace historical ties to around the advent of the British Empire on the Indian subcontinent. Since then bilateral ties have grown markedly, particularly in the 21stcentury, as India moved to liberalise its economy to encourage foreign investment.  In recent years the increased prevalence of hostile […]

The Rise Of Airpower In The Indian Ocean Region: How Australia Should Respond

Key Points:  Throughout the last decade airpower has become an increasingly salient feature of geo-political competition throughout the Indian Ocean region.  This trend has materialised in a number of Indian Ocean littoral states investing in the expansion and modernisation of their air forces. Seen in tandem with militarisation on the land and sea domains, the […]

Reconceiving Australian Land Power: Whither A Two Ocean Army?

Key Points:  The Indo-Pacific has emerged as the main theatre of escalating Sino-US strategic competition, and this is likely to superimpose itself on a raft of underlying Asian rivalries and insecurities with unpredictable consequences. As such, this new era of regional volatility has provided significant impetus to reviving debate on the security of Australia’s vulnerable […]

Managing Uncertainty: Supply Chain Integrity, COVID-19 And The Future Of Australian Ports

Key Points: The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of securing Australia’s supply chains, of which Australia’s economic livelihood rests upon our ability to trade. By adopting decisive measures Australian ports have successfully implemented safeguards to ensure their workforce remains protected from COVID-19 related disruption. Promoting resilience and supply chain integrity at the port gate […]

Australia’s Future Submarine Debate: A Reality Check

Key Points: The complex and ongoing debate surrounding Australia’s future submarine project has been punctuated by contrasting and contradicting opinions, often not well informed. As the Indo-Pacific region emerges as a global epicentre in submarine proliferation, Australia requires a modern and technologically capable submarine that can successfully deter aggressors and protect its national interests.  Due […]

Defence West: COVID-19 Support And Industry Liaison

Key Points: Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic Defence West has through various forums continued to play a key facilitating role between the Commonwealth and WA’s defence industry.  Responding to the heightened demand for Australian made health related equipment, Defence West is actively liaising with the state’s defence industry to encourage greater participation.  In line with this […]