Acknowledgement Of Relationship With Australian Army’s 13th Brigade By WA DEFENCE REVIEW With Presentation Of Custom-Designed And Framed Souvenir Poster

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The Australian Army’s 13th Brigade is a conventional army formation in Western Australia that plays an integral role in the state’s defence and security. The brigade has a notable history stretching back to 1912, with its motto “Let Difficulties Not Deter” being  emblematic of an esprit de corps built upon operations through the two world wars and subsequent conflicts.

Today the brigade is recognised for being a modern, agile and adaptive force. It provides a key capability to the Australian Army with joint, ready, and deployable forces that can support domestic security, stabilisation and humanitarian operations on the west coast, northern Australia and overseas.

In recognition of WA DEFENCE REVIEW’s strengthening ties with the army in the west, BRIG Brett Chaloner, Commander, 13th Brigade invited the Review’s Founder and Managing Editor, Serge DeSilva-Ranasinghe, to attend a 13thBrigade Professional Military Education Event at the Irwin Barracks Sergeants’ Mess on the evening of 2 June 2021. 

This unique event focused on military leadership and ethics in a complex environment, with special guest presentations from esteemed army leaders. 

The event was fortunate to hear from two distinguished speakers, both renowned in the army for the breadth and depth of their service and operational experience. WO Dave Ashley AM, OAM has held senior appointments including as the Regimental Sergeant Major of the Army (RSM-A), and senior positions in the Pilbara Regiment3rd Brigade and Forces Command. WA Kev Woods OAM, CSC has previously held a series of senior roles including RSM-A, 25th/49th Battalion, Royal Queensland Regiment, 3rd Brigade, Training Command and the Australian Defence Force Academy

WA DEFENCE REVIEW also had the honour of presenting BRIG Chaloner and Cavalry Scout Commander L/CPL Nicholas Ledger of A Squadron, 10th Light Horse, with a token of our gratitude for the brigade’s generous support on our ground-breaking 2020-21 Annual Publication. A photograph taken at the presentation with L/CPL Ledger’s section even found its way to our publication’s front cover! 

In recognising the vital role that 13th Brigade plays in the defence of Western Australia, Serge DeSilva-Ranasinghe affrimed: “The souvenir poster is an articulation of our support and commitment to strengthening our collaborative partnership with the 13th Brigade, as it enters into a new and transformational era for the army in Western Australia”. 

In accepting the poster, BRIG Chaloner reflected on the importance of building local relationships , and in communicating the Defence vision for a stronger and more dynamic army presence and posture in WA. “WA DEFENCE REVIEW is an essential partner in helping us communicate this vision and to bring everyone on the journey”, stated BRIG Chaloner. 

WA DEFENCE was humbled to learn that the poster is now displayed prominently in the foyer of the 13th Brigade headquarters, serving as a symbol of our strengthening rapport with the army in Western Australia.


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